100 employees as your brand ambassadors in 100 days! 


You’ll get;


1. The Sociuu Employee Advocacy platform

  • Fully fledged Employee Advocacy platform

  • Easily involve and engage your employees in your brand presences on social media

  • Use any content: Job posts, News, Articles, Campaigns, social media posts etc.

  • Get Insights, statistics and real time employee engagement rates from day 1

2. Employee ambassador recruitment kit

  • Mail template to recruit your 100 ambassadors

  • Short ‘How & Why’ video with your brand to onboard your brand ambassadors

  • Assembly and set-up of recruited employees in the Sociuu platform

3. Advice, support & training

  • Full admin training in the use of Sociuu platform

  • Session with our Employee Advocacy strategy team

  • Designated customer success resource

  • Fully covered support

4. Full end-of-pilot evaluation session

  • Employee engagement and insights report

  • Evaluation session

  • Employee Advocacy benchmarking based on data from our more than 100.000 users

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Pricing: € 3000 - all included!

Interested ?

Sign up for a short talk with our employee advocacy specialists to find out what the 100:100 employee advocacy pilot could do for your company!

After the session you’ll decide whether to go ahead;-)

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