Capital Market Partners increases web traffic with more than 400% 

Capital Market Partners (CMP) is a consultancy company combining business knowhow with technical knowledge, and practical experience of project management within the Capital Markets area, to create a bridge between business and technology. CMP supports players in the Capital Markets, ranging from the largest Nordic banks, to data centrals, to pension and insurance companies to asset management. 

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Sociuu instantly increased our traffic to web from social with more than 400%
— Line Sofie Graversen, Communications Consultant at Capital Market Partners

Communication in a house of financial experts

Being a top tier niche consultancy within the capital markets, with +30 highly skilled expert consultants calls for extraordinary communication efforts, especially to be successful in targeting existing and potential customers, future talents and business partners.


Benefits of using Sociuu


Vast increase in traffic & employee engagement

After just 2 weeks of using Sociuu, CMP increased their traffic to web from SoMe by +400%. Further, employees really has adopted the effort proved by an avg. employee engagement of 43%.

Shortened “learning” curve for employees

Internally, CMP employees experience that they have become much better at communicating with their networks by using Sociuu where they can be an active participant.

Sociuu outperformed paid ads and promoted posts

The Earned Media Value from Sociuu vastly outperformed CMP’s previous use of paid ads and promoted posts on LinkedIn, to the extent that they stopped using paid.

Ease of use in knowledgesharing

Sociuu has made it much easier for CMP to brand them selves by involving all employees, thereby accessing their personal networks on SoMe with rich, timely and valuable content.