Clinic: 'Digital content strategy and the power of Employee Advocacy'
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Clinic: 'Digital content strategy and the power of Employee Advocacy'

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Get inspired and learn how to create a successful digital content strategy and how to setup a high performing Employee Advocacy Program.  

How do you create the right story about your organization with the most effective content strategy?  We will give you a view on creating content that makes your employees proud and turns them into your best performing marketing channel and brand advocates. We will explain how the right content, from podcast, brandmusic to video will define your brand DNA.

Experience first hand how you can turn your employees into successful ambassadors sharing your stories with their social Networks! Join us on the 31st of October and find out:


08:45 coffee and sweets

09:00 Setting the Scene (Tijs Hemmes & Jorrit Gerritsen) 

09:15 From Digital Challenge to Content strategy (Sarah van Hecken, digital strategist DEPT)

10:00 How to use video in an effective employer branding strategy (Jorrit Gerritsen)

10:45 Coffee Break

11:00 How to setup an effective Employee Advocacy Program (Ingmar Vleugels & Tijs Hemmes)

11:45 Wrap up and Questions

12:00 End of Clinic

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