Instant employee brand engagement


You simply tap in to employees existing workflow via mail - no new logins, no apps, no training - no fuzz.

Match content relevance with employees field of work, professional interests and expertise, to secure high employee engagement.

Measure to learn and sustain employee engagement whilst supporting business goals.


The Sociuu platform

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Multi-media advocacy

Post content URL in the Sociuu admin interface. Then align content with target audiences on social media; LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.


Unlimited user groups

Match content with relevant employees, departments or/and groups, and invite them to interact and share.


Unlimited admins

Easily involve content providers across the organisation; communication, hr, marketing, sales, etc.


Plug and play

No need to involve IT to install or maintain. It is plug and play.



Purpose driven

Include content purpose to drive employee motivation.


Relevance drives employee engagement

Match content with employees field of work, professional interests and expertise.



Invited employees gets personalised email with "ready to share" content.


Simply share from the mail

No apps to download, no log-ins are required.



Content preview available for employees pre-sharing

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Comprehensive statistics gives you insights and learnings.


Employee engagement 

Employee engagement rates and content traction


Clicks and audiences

Insights on clicks and target audience interaction


Earned Media Value

Earned Media Value based on CPC


Optional statistics

Add tagging/UTM and include Sociuu in your social media dashboard

Features & benefits


Plug and play

Sociuu is delivered as SaaS and supports all latest browserversions for multi-channel employee advocacy on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 


Easy implementation

We can have your employee advocacy program up and running in no time.


Instant onboarding

No login required for employees. Take the hazzle out of onboarding admins and employees.


Compliance & Security

Sociuu is GDPR compliant. Without social logins/connects, Sociuu is 100% secure for both the company and employees.



Unlimited access to support included in all our plans.

Real time statistics

Sociuu provides real time statistics on employee engagement, clicks and shares of your content, Earned Media Value and much more.


Born to scale

Whether you are 100 or 100.000 employees - Sociuu is up for any size!


Proven track record

Sociuu is used by companies of all sizes and comes with a proven ROI model to support your employee advocacy programme.


Unlimited admins

You can choose to have multiple admins - add admins on the fly.


global & local

Sociuu mirrors your organisation ensuring content localisation and seamless employee onboarding.

Besides our platform, we offer a range of consultancy and services