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Employee Brand Engagement

Establishing and sustaining a high employee brand engagement is vital to maintain high brand engagement amongst your existing and potential customers, business partners and the talent you want to attract.

By letting employees "be" the brand, you will have employees that are far more engaged and knowledgeable when meeting and interacting with your audiences. 

Marketing, Branding and Social Media

Employees holds access to vast qualitative networks that by far extend company followers. A personal network ready to engage with your content. 

When involving colleagues, your marketing and pr efforts will increase in reach, engagement and become more authentic and trustworthy. You will experience an increase in organic traffic and peer-to-peer interaction on social media. Ultimately, engagement built on expertise drives prospects down the sales funnel. It is good business.  

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Social Selling

Tell - don't sell. Employee Advocacy provides your customer facing sales force with a steady flow of quality content to support your social selling efforts. With social selling you leverage your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.

It is technique that enables better lead generation and sales prospecting. Building relationships is also a process that reduces  the need for cold calling.

Active employees, are more likely to build and maintain close customer relationships that is founded on trust  

Internal and External Communication 

Employee advocacy is "actionable" communication providing engagement rates far beyond average.

You can create consistency and a stable "pulse of presence" on your social media channels, by including your employees and their professional network.  

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Employer Branding

Employer branding is just as much employee branding. Shining light on corporate culture, expertise and knowhow builds an understanding of your company.

Finding the best talents through "traditional" corporate efforts just does not cut it any more. Your future employees wants to talk to your existing employees before making a move. 

Employer branding links the employee's personal brand with the company's. A win win.    

Talent management

Searching for talents is hard work. Finding qualified talent is even harder. With employees, actively activating their network and redirecting talent towards your company, you are already a long way in the recruitment process. 

Start Increasing and optimising employee referral hires with employee advocacy and create a shortened - and much less expensive - recruitment process!  

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Thought Leadership

Thought Leaders - or employee influencers - are a strong asset, especially for knowledge driven company's - and employee advocacy is the perfect setting to get your thought leadership program on its way.